Week 7 MKE

WoW….  Week 7 has been a whirlwind – in a good way!  There is so much happening this week I kept jumping from topic to topic and not making any sense.    To begin with Haanel instructed us to use visualization and follow the life of a product back to its origin.  I found the exercise interesting especially when I involved my 87-year young father in a discussion.  He has a very large dragline that was built in 1947 and still works and he still works on it.  We sat in his yard and tried to imagine the life of that pile of rust back to its conception.  It’s hard to tell when dad if visualizing or napping.

 Then we had the 7-day Mental Diet.  Had 1 day of success on Friday…. (hee-hee) hubby and I were both busy all day – in the same house – just doing different things… to funny but true.  Quite different from the several days before when we were doing things around the house getting ready for holiday company.  Those days had several re-starts. 

 My belief in the MKE process is stronger after this week.  The explanation of our old blueprints molding process was by people who loved us and taught us what they were taught and that was to be afraid of the stick made an impression on me.     What a load of cement!   This week the study has opened my eyes to the possible reasons for my lack of faith in myself.   

 And we must always remember the 5-PPPPP; Persistent Practice Produces Perfect Presentations.

 Be Well. 



Week 6 MKE

That a man can change himself, improve himself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action.

Concentration has been a life-long challenge for me yet are probably; the most important to the achievement of success. Haanel says the cultivation of attention/concentration is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman, and is the very highest personal accomplishment which can be acquired.

At the beginning if the MKE program we all received a toy magnifying glass and a toy compass. It’s now in week 6 we see they are meant to remind us of the importance of attention. Haanel compares the power of attention to that of a magnifying glass when the rays of sunlight are focused. There is no strength if the glass is moved about; but hold the glass still and the rays focused on one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent.

Things are clearing up just a little…. On to week 7.
Be Well,


I know the master key course is really working because I am much more productive than normal.  My old blueprint is still causing trouble. After breaking my wrist, the old blueprint was determined that I quit the MKE as I had quit other things because of health reasons. This time I stood my ground and will not quit. The reading and the sitting and thinking allowed me to find the will power to continue.

Now I have some catching up to do.

Be Well.

Week 4 MKE

Hi.  Hope everyone has had a great week.  All said and done I’ve had a almost great week.  This post will be short.  Typing is challenging with a broken wrist.  It’s not a bad break… thankful… don’t think I’d be happy with a bad break.  Sorry, my sense of humor is a bit strange just now.

Just have a few hair-line fractures in my right wrist. Thankfully I’m ambidextrous.  Doctor says just from overuse.  Imagine that!  They didn’t even put on a cast.

Take care and enjoy the journey.



















Week 3 MKE

I think my old self has hired reinforcements!  This week has been a battle.  I am committed to this amazing journey.

I have been reading some of my classmates blog entries.  I am totally in awe of the depth of thought some of the class write.  Impressed me so much that I started to run…..  far away.  Caught myself and realized some have been on this journey a lot longer than I.   I have been on the self-improvement journey since I met Zig Ziglar and Dr. Robert Scholar in 1990.  At one time Zig could have stayed home because I could have repeated his show verbatim!  Zig gave me a way to survive with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

This is my first journey to find my true authentic self.   I don’t feel worthy to be among you but I will grow from being associated with those ahead of me in this journey.

Have a blessed week.

I always keep my promises!

Gloria Motley

Week 2 MKE

“I can’t change
The direction of the wind,
But I can adjust
My sails to always reach
My destination”
– Jimmy Dean

My old blueprint is kicking my backside!!! Murphy’s Law moved in and I’m having so much fun putting out fires… I have not been able to consistently complete a day of our honor assignments and my blog and DMP have been late.

In 2007 we moved from the very civilized northeast United States to a dirt road in south Arkansas, willingly. We were raised in this area and sorta knew what we were getting into. We had been gone for 25 years. My ambulatory issues had deteriorated to the point I could no longer drive. Extenuating circumstances put me in declining health and severe depression which took almost 8 years of my life.  Two years ago I began the journey out to reality again.  I have come a long way.

Old demons came out to play and while they were able to disrupt my plans they did not derail me. Old blueprint would have quit and trust me I have a stack of creative reasons to support that choice.

My PPN’s are:

Recognition of Creative Expression

True Health
I promise to complete the Master Key Experience.
I always keep my promises.

MKE Week One


This is where I find myself.  The feeling is exhilarating!!!  I am beyond excited to be in the Master Key Experience.  So far, the startup has been challenging.   It’s Thursday and I have just finished my first DMP and started my first blog post. Still haven’t manage a 15-minute sit and find it a challenge to get in all the daily reading……. Even slow starters finish the race. I will get better organized.

Till next week……